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Pic-Dump (Series 9)

Okay, you've worked far too hard today - time for a nice calming walk through the Pic-Dump.

Now, don't you feel better?

Keep walking through the Dump



  1. Feel Better? Not really. Knowing what tortoise sex sounds like (or that its in one of my favorite movies) is not exactly the cherry on top of my sundae.

    1. My one purpose in life is for me to get you ERIK JOHNSON to say " Yes... now I feel better." I've already got something in the works... better than turtle sex..

    2. Good to hear you have some set goals...

  2. Came here via AW...anything with the word "Nerd" in it piques my curiosity.
    Good lord, what a random collection of pics...I, for one, do feel better...

    1. Then I've done my job. LOL. In all seriousness thanks for stopping by - it puts a smile on my face to know someone found a bit of pleasure in my posts.

  3. Ahhh, that was a nice walk through the dump.

    I especially enjoyed the Community picture. I saw that episode and I remember those lines, but the significance of it only just now dawned on me! Cosby is king!

    And that GPK card, LOL! So gross!

  4. Cosby has a new show supposedly coming out soon. I hope it does well. I just recently got my wife to watch "Cosby Himself". She quoted one of the lines from the stand-up routine (I will bring you into this world...) but had no idea who said it or what it was from. I nearly fell off my chair - then demanded she watch it. She loved it.


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