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Pic-Dump (Friday Edition)

Okay, you've worked far too hard today - time for a nice calming walk through the Pic-Dump.

 There, now don't you feel better!


  1. Some mind - bending choices today. Wow! Have a great weekend. :)

    1. Yeah... I think I accidentally ate a bunch of special brownies out of a strangers fridge this morning.
      Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. The 31 year old stuntwoman for a kid actor isn't unheard of actually. I remember listening to an interview with voice actress Debi Derriberry (Toy Story, Jimmy Neutron) was a certified diver and because of her minuscule build was the stunt actor for all of the underwater scenes for the kid in "Free Willy".

    Listen to it for yourself here: http://robpaulsenlive.com/episode-41-guest-debi-derryberry/

    Also, given how many tabs I have open at once, I suspect I may use this "Duck Tab" soon enough.

    1. I remember reading about that. I also know there are a lot of stunt-women doing work for male actors, and vice-verse. Like J-Lo's stunt double is a man. He must have some nice back side. And let's not forget the stunt doubles from Spaceballs.

      Have a great weekend Erik!


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