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Garbage Pail Kids - (Card Generator)

THIS, my fellow Nerds and Nerdettes, is a Garbage Pail Kid card generator! 

Garbage Pail Kid Generator - Click HERE

Some nice interweb-person loaded roughly 90 original Garbage Pail Kid cards for you to use. 

All you do is:
 1 - Pick a card
 2 - Type whatever you want on the card
3 - Push the Button. 
(change the message)

Your very own GPK card! 
(Just right click the card and save)

You can adjust the font as well. 
It's so easy to use and there's no signing up or anything. 

Have fun!
(If you have issues, send me a message on Facebook, and I'll help you out!)

Garbage Pail Kids Generator - CLICK HERE... if you missed it up top.


  1. Your page doesn't work :(
    Wanted to try and design one for my son, but upon heading to generator the internal server 500 error comes up :(

    1. Hey Matthew. The GPK page is actually run by someone else, and seems to go down around Xmas every year (High volume I suppose) BUT, if you message me (Tig) on facebook (NerdOutWithMe) with the card and your son's name, I'll gladly work on it for you myself. :)

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