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Nerdy PIC-DUMP TIME!!! (61 pics)

Time to stop doing what you're doing
and take a nice calming walk through
the PIC-DUMP! 
Lord of the Rings Dress.
This is how they did the cool shadow shot in Raiders
I want my TWO DOLLARS!

There, now don't you feel better!


  1. I am sure I will forget something, but yay for an appearance of Clark Griswold! That lock would get annoying, as cool as it may be. River Bottom Band! I got my brother the DVD of Better Off Dead fir Christmas this year. I could have made that MarioKart cake for many people over the years. Awesome Pic Dump, thanks!

    1. Thanks, Joe! I got Christmas Story, Emmit Otter, and Better Off Dead all ready to go for the weekend!

    2. I was tempted to throw in "Babes in Toyland" (March of the Wooden Soldiers) just for nostalgia sake. Been so long since I watched that... but that gives me more of a Thanksgiving vibe.

  2. Oh I stopped working this morning when I saw how sloppy my work was getting. I'm taking the afternoon off to just rest and do something that isn't an obligation. Believe me, before too long, I'll get the itch to get back to work. That just the kind of guy I am.

    1. I refuse to believe you EVER do sloppy work! Though the sign of a good artist is never being satisfied with your work....


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