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Nerdy PIC-DUMP TIME!!! (51 pics)

Time to stop doing what you're doing,
and take a calming walk through

 Yeah, two pics of Molly Ringwald in this dump. I couldn't help myself.

 There, now don't you feel better?!


  1. Bunch of fun! That first pic, of the E.T. shirt - we had the curtains that were obviously used to make that! Such a flashback! Love the Spock as a player set - is that June Lockhart? Nope, looked it up and she was not. The woman looks a lot like her. Was that Sherlock Holmes' Younger Brother movie any good? Always intended to watch and never have. Happy Wednesday, and a Super Thursday, too!

    1. Wow. You had those curtains?! I'm more jealous of that than the shirt. As for the Sherlock Holmes movie - I just recently found out it existed! Two of my favorite actors are Dom DeLuise and Gene Wilder, so I was shocked I never heard of it. Anywho, I found it on Youtube and watched it last week. It was pretty funny. But I admit, I fell asleep during it. :)


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