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Hours In The Attic: Axis & Allies!!!

Eric shows Tig his favorite board game, and tells how he played the wrong way for years!

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  1. Greetings Gents! I really liked the video of the Axis and Allies reminiscence in the attic. It's my favorite game since childhood and I'm always looking for other enthusiasts to play.

    I live in Oregon, but travel all over for a living. I'm so eager to find serious players of the actual board game, that I've made trips from time to time, just to get in a few good matches coupled with fum camaraderie.

    If you have an interest in ever getting together, despite not knowing me at all, drop me a line at lepeleton@gmail.com or look me up on LinkedIn (Jonathan Leahey) to check out my background so you know I'm not a schizoid or freak.

    Thanks again. Hope to hear from you.

    All the best.



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