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Nerdy PIC-DUMP TIME!!! (40pics)

Time For A Nice Calming Walk
Through The PIC-DUMP

 There, now don't you feel better?!


  1. Always better. Read the puns to my kids and got the appropriate groans. Don't get the first pic, is that from a video game or an anti-theft label? The MiB pic could go on into infinity, in theory, til they died, right? LOL - Hope you had a good Wednesday and Thursday, hope your Friday is going great and the weekend is the bee's knees!

    1. Puns.. sigh. LOL.

      The first pic is that neighborhood watch dude - remember that? They used to be all over in the 80s.

      Thanks for popping in Joe! Hope your weekend is rain free! (unless you're looking forward to a movie day/night - then in that case.. rain on!


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