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Nerdy PIC-DUMP TIME!!! (48pics)

Time For A Nice Walk
Through The PIC-DUMP

There, Now Don't You Feel Better?!


  1. Awesome pics! Barf! I was sad to hear when the actor passed away. Love the I, Borg art, very nice. And Scully front and center in a modern League of Extraordinary Gentleman. She's a bad ass.

    Hope you have been well!

    1. Hey Joe! I been switching the blog over to worpress (While editing our YouTube videos and writing sci-fi trilogy)

      So... with that and work and family, it's been a little nuts. Wednesdays come up on me so fast I miss them! LOL.

      But I'll be doing pic-dumps again soon. Just have to figure out the formatting and such of a new site. Boring!

      Hope all is well!


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