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Decorating For Halloween (2014)

League Topic:    Halloween Photo Assignment

I love Halloween. Something about it still makes me giddy. But I've never been great at decorating for it. My mother was great at it and always went all out on Halloween. Creepy music, full on decorations, and dressing up to scare kids at night.

I wish I followed in her footsteps, but somehow it slips by every year. Every October I promise myself  THIS will be the year I go all out... to no avail. 

Maybe next year.

But, I did do a bit more than usual this year. Something I do pride myself on is my pumpkin carving. I even got to the point where I grow my own. 

So here's what I got going on around the homestead for Halloween. 

This is the pumpkin I carved for this year. It's been a bit warm lately so I'm hoping the teeth and eyes hold out for at least Halloween. 
 These two hang out near the front door, waiting for the unsuspecting trick or treater. 

The entrance to our Halloween village. If you're taller than 3 inches, you're not getting in.
This fellow dances when you squeeze his hand, bringing a little levity to his ghoulishness.

Part of our Halloween village.
Our Halloween Theater. I think Beetlejuice is playing today.

 The last two are my favorite pumpkin carvings.

 The unfortunate thing is we rarely get trick or treaters - our busy road makes it difficult and unsafe for kids to come by. But on the upside, we always stock up on candy... just in case!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! 

Check out more League Halloween Decorating going on with my friends below.


  1. I love it! You have some cool decorations and the Jacks are great!

  2. You're decorations are great! I'm the same way with wanting to go all out. I have always wanted to have a "Spook Alley" of sorts for Trick Or Treaters to navigate through before they can get a treat. Maybe next year.

    1. Thanks Mason! I was even more disappointed when I went to an amazing costume party this weekend. The house was fully done up like a haunted house. They people who did it said it took them a full month to pull off. I should have taken pictures! Son of a......

  3. I love the Halloween village! We don't get many trick-or-treaters, either. Last year I made sure to buy candy that I don't like so I wouldn't eat it all before Halloween. WELL, five trick-or-treaters later and I was stuck eating weird licorice for months.

    1. I was just about to say that's a brilliant idea... until I finished reading your comment and realized I would do the same exact thing. HA!


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