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When Your Favorite TV Show Went Downhill - In Graph Form!


We all have our favorite television shows. Some are great in the beginning but fall a bit at the end. Others had horrible middles then bounced back to be amazing. Some just stunk, but we held on for some strange reason. 

The site Graph TV charts out the popular opinion of each episode of each television show. Kevin Wu created Graph TV, which charts the IMDB rankings of each TV episode, creating graphs of how viewers have felt about the quality of a series throughout its run.

Click Below to check it out.
It's quite addicting. I was checking out shows like 'Night Court' and 'Cheers'.  And some shows even shocked me - like 'The Office' and 'Battlestar Galactica'.


  1. Replies
    1. Those fickle Seinfeld fans. LOL. I like the single floaters out in space - Like Season 3 Ep4 (The Dog). People seemed to really hate that episode.

  2. Yeah.. I was messing with it all night. LOL.

  3. Better availability of the all-time favorite classic shows on DVD allows us to go back to the classics that we and our parents grew up watching.


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