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The Iconic N.E.S. 'Black Box' Games

Back in the olden days, all N.E.S. games had the same basic look. It was such an awesome and clean design that it became iconic in the gaming community.

At the time, the design was scorned by most gamers for its boring 'black box' look. But Nintendo had their reasons...
"Following the video game crash of 1983, American retailers were very skeptical of stocking any new video games. Therefore, Nintendo took great pains to avoid putting any references to "video games" on these boxes."

As for the 'true to game' art...

"What really surprised me was the philosophy behind this chunky and pixelated box art. Nintendo wanted to be very up front about what sort of graphics consumers were getting. By showing such honest pictures on the box, it made it hard for people to be unpleasantly surprised or disappointed when they fired up the actual game. This approach was in stark contrast to what Atari's had been, where games often had excellent hand drawn box art, yet the games graphics hardly looked anything like what they were supposed to represent."

 Original, there were 30 'Black Box' games 
made for the N.E.S. console.

Eventually, other companies created their own games for the N.E.S. console, thus putting an end to the very simple design we all grew up with.

Let's take a trip down memory lane... shall we?

My NES came with R.O.B. the robot. I remember we tried to get it to work with Gyromite... and failed miserably. It spent the next 15 years in a closet for bad behavior.
The gun, on the other hand... got used for everything!
Then suddenly...

 And, the game changer...


  1. These are a neat art fowm. I love candy box art as well.

    1. Oops, I meant art form.

    2. Candy box art is very cool - especially the real old ones.

  2. The giant pixels really do add something special. Pretty neat!

    1. Yeah. I just realized someone designed the covers to look that way. I assumed they used blown up screen shots, but now I know better. Pretty cool.

  3. Wow, has graphics technology really grown....lol

  4. Man, I love the old box art! It really makes me wish we didn't just immediately throw the box away when we got new games. :(

    1. I totally agree. I remember keeping a few for a while. But I'm pretty sure they got tossed eventually. Def would have been cool to still tahe them.

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