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Popeye's Village is Still Around !

Remember the 'Popeye' movie from 1980? Most don't. One thing I do remember from the film was the set. it was pretty amazing.

Well guess what... it still exists. 
It's now a tourist attraction in a remote corner of Malta.

Hidden in Anchor Bay, Malta, you’ll find Sweethaven or 'Popeye’s seaside village' bustling with life. The village of 19 cartoony and colorful wooden houses are now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the small island country.

Built in 1979, the movie 'Popeye'(1980) received mixed reviews. Either way, the set remained and was converted into an open air museum and amusement park.

 I wonder if Robin Williams ever pops-in?

 Source of it all: http://whenonearth.net/popeye-village-malta/


  1. Its amazing when you hear about sets like ones for the original Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or John Carpenter's The Thing were just left standing out in the middle of empty desert for fans to make long treks to pick apart.

    But wow, a place this big has been kept in outstanding condition!

    1. That's what caught my eye, the condition! I seriously want to live there.


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