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Amazing Monster Mazes

When I was a kid I had this amazing book. Ironically it was called Amazing Monster Mazes. 

I took it everywhere with me and making sure never to draw in it. In fact I enjoyed the art as much, if not more than, the mazes themselves. But alas, like most of our favorite childhood items, somewhere along the line I lost track of the book. I've searched all over for it, to no avail.

But I did stumble upon copies of the book online! A flood of warm fuzzy memories filled my body. I went through each page like catching up with an old friend. Now I want to share this amazing book with you.  

 So here is every page in all its glory.

 The mazes look simple but for me it wasn't about that, it was about going the wrong way and seeing what you would find!

 The monster mansion is one of my favorites and I remember it vividly.

The Dangerous Dip maze was one of the more challenging mazes in the book.

 Treasure Hunt was a fun maze. First you had to find the Mummy's Tomb, then on to the Treasure!

Spooky Shopping Spree was another one that always stuck out to me. the concept of a monster filled food store made me chuckle, even as a child. I like the witch checking out the broom.

Coolest zoo I've ever seen.
 This one wasn't as exciting as the rest, but the 7 starting points made it fun.
 Definitely one of the hardest mazes in the book. You had to complete all 4 holes in order. And that monster kept terrible score.
And the final maze of the book.

I'm still looking out for this book. Maybe one day I will stumble upon it at a flee market. That would be nice... wouldn't it.

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