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The Map of Zombies

Zombies are pretty complicated for mindless brain eaters. There's an order to their madness, a canon if you will: Some can run. Some can't. Some are from the grave. Others, the product of a virus.

 Lucky for us, American comic artist Jason B. Thompson created The Map of Zombies to help navigate the world of flesh-eaters (and non-flesh-eaters).

Taking design cues from classic medical posters, the map identifies the zombies of over 350 films, games, TV shows and books.

And it all starts with the superb opening question,
 "Shoot them in the chest with a shotgun.
Do they die?"


1 comment:

  1. I love the illustration at the top. Its like some kind of combination Jack Davis-Jim Borgman illustration!

    The map itself... Whoa.


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