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Guess The Movies - (Round 15)

Wait For it....

Exhibit - A
"Score. A Direct hit."

Exhibit - B
"U.G.L.Y. You ain't got no alibi."

Exhibit - C
"Greetings and Salutations."

Exhibit - D

What would you wish for?

Exhibit - E

"That maniac is our mailman"

Exhibit - F
"Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy."

Exhibit - G

"With Extra Anchovies."

Exhibit - H
"Fair is fair!"

Exhibit -I
"One speaks no English, the other learned English from watching "The Wide World of Sports."

Round 15 Answers:

A - Sixteen Candles

B - Wildcats

C - Heathers

D - Big

E - Funny Farm

F - Karate Kid

G - Loverboy

H - The Legend Of Billy Jean

I - Better Off Dead


  1. C is Heathers! E is Funny Farm! I know A and G and cannot think of them...

  2. Man, I don't recognize any of these! I was gonna say Fletch at first for E, but now I'm not sure. :P I need to go watch some more classic movies!


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