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Guess The Movies - (Round 11)

Ready... Set... GO!

Exhibit - A
"My own brother, a goddamn, sh*t-sucking vampire."

Exhibit - B
"What are you worried about, Grig? Theoretically, we should already be dead!"

Exhibit - C
It's not what you think it is... (Clue - popular 80s film - dead awful plot)

Exhibit - D
"66 times... in the head."

Exhibit - E
This is so obscure that I was even confused by it. (Clue - Sequel to Famous 80s Film)

 Exhibit - F
"Grace? She passed away thirty years ago."

Exhibit - G
(Clue - Look at the dude waaaay to the right)

Exhibit -H
"It must wonderful to wake up in the morning and smell the coffee... in Brazil."

How Did You Do?
Let's Find Out!

Round - 11  Answers: 

G - Wayne's World 2

H - Roxanne


  1. E- Ghostbusters 2
    F- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    G- The Golden Child

    1. E- Yep
      F- Yeppers
      G-Nope (hint: look at the dude to the right. - with the hat and long hair.)

  2. D. The Great Outdoors
    F. Christmas Vacation
    G. Wayne's World


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