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Star Wars Iron-On's

I love old school, iron-on t-shirts. It's pretty much all I wore as a kid.
So, when I stumbled upon these gems... well, I just had to share them with my fellow Nerds and Nerdettes.

Downloadable iron-ons!  

They were made available for a very small time 
by 20th Century Fox.


1.) Click the pic

2.) Download it
      (right-click then save as)

3.) Get some Iron-On paper 
for your printer

4.) Iron onto a cool shirt! 

It's actually pretty easy... Even I could do it! 
Okay... I just got my wife to do it. 

I was disappointed that they didn't release a Princess Leia.

And if anyone does it - feel free to send me a pic! 
I'd love to see how they came out!


  1. I used these to make some shirts for Star Wars Celebration. My friends picked ones they wanted and I used the Luke & 3P0 one as a template to make a couple of original designs

    The hardest part of using these is making sure to get the design centered on the shirt!

    1. The ones you made are cooler than any of the ones 20th Century Fox released! That's so awesome!


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