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The 'Max Headroom' Incident

((seriously, you have nothing to worry about... I think))

On that November evening in Chicago, some people were settling in for their weekly episode of 'Dr. Who - Horror of Fang Rock' episode. Remote in one hand, pint of Rocky Road in the other. Then suddenly... things went south.

Just as Dr. Who was about to deliver a line, The signal scrambled and faded. Then, a man wearing a Max Headroom mask appeared on the screen.
 (If you're too young to know who that is... here's a link.)

Max Headroom  
(In short - it's a CGI character played by a human on a short lived television show. Yes, the 80's were strange times.)

What happened next has gone down in Nightmare Fuel history.

((WARNING: Max Headroom 
shows off a little butt cheek toward the end.))

You have been warned!
Is that NIGHTMARE FUEL or what?!

"Within hours, federal officials were called in to investigate one of the strangest crimes in TV history—a rare broadcast signal intrusion, with no clear motive, method, or culprits. It may as well have come from another dimension."  
- http://motherboard.vice.com/read/headroom-hacker

"By the time our people began looking into what was going on, it was over," 
 - a spokesman for WTTW, which is located about two miles to the southeast of WGN,  told the Tribune.

Thousands of Chicago residents witnessed the incident. Newspapers, radio, and television reported on it for days. The FCC was NOT happy, and did their best to track down the 'hooligans' - to no avail.

GIF by Dan Stuckey

Eventually, hype over the incident faded and life went back to normal. 
But, people still speak of the incident, and often giggle to themselves while doing so.

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  1. Though I was part of the TV watching public in 1987 (well, I was 5), I never heard of Max Headroom until more recently, when it was in a Cracked article.

    It is very intriguing.

    1. I was around 10 and I more remember the commercials he did than the show. It was a weird concept.

  2. I remember the news reporting this when it happened. Until I looked it up on YouTube some time ago, I thought I might imagined it.

  3. This fascinates me too. There was a Reddit post a while back where someone claims to have known the guys who most likely did this, and his case is pretty convincing.

  4. I haven't watched the show since it aired but I still say it was too ahead of its time. Now might be a good time to bring him back!

  5. The only time I ever saw Max Headroom was that scene from Back To The Future Part II. Marty encounters Max, along other A.I., in an 80s themed diner. The year was 2015. Someone has a year to develop this idea.

    1. I really only remember him from quick commercials and such. I never actually saw the show. It was always such a weird thing to me.


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