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Nerdtastic Pumpkin Carvings!

I love carving pumpkins... though I must admit, I'm not very good at it.

 I've tried the templates and sometimes they came out okay. I suppose I'm a bit of a traditionalist - just draw a picture with a magic marker and go for it. 

Nowadays, pumpkin-carving has grown into a genuine art form. Some are mind blowing, though occasionally I question their techniques. I realized the popular thing to do now-a-days is buy those fake pumpkins then carve them - (which seems a bit like cheating). I mean, come on... the best part of carving a pumpkin is gutting it!

 There's a whole process to it. From cutting the top on the proper angle (to stop it from falling into the pumpkin) to scraping out the guts with a big spoon. And if you were lucky, maybe mom would cook up the pumpkin seeds with some salt! 

Anywho, here are a few of my favorite pumpkin carvings I found on the interwebs. I did my best to find and display only authentic pumpkins.

"Covered Bridge" pumpkin By: JackieOLantern
I did this design last year. Was pretty easy and fun to carve!
Gak gak!
They're Here...
What did you do, Ray?!

Happy Carving!


  1. Great collection of pics! And I agree, gutting it is best part.

    That Godzilla one deserves a first place ribbon. But, Napoleon Dynamite?! Ugh...I hope some punk teen smashed it.

  2. That watermelon Krang is making me hungry

  3. I am not that good, either. I stick to traditional eyes and mouth. Some of the pics you posted are works of art! Wow.

    1. Yeah - I'm a bit jealous of most of them. I wish I had these skills.

  4. Those are great!

    I was especially amused to see the Oregon Trail one, and the Napoleon Dynamite one.

    1. The Oregon trail one is def one of my fav. Very unique idea! LOL.

  5. Nice pumpkin carving ideas, thanks for sharing with us


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