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Guess The Movies - (Round 13)


Exhibit - A
Boooo! Booooo!

Exhibit - B
See if you can get this with no hints...

Exhibit - C
"This is Ice"

Exhibit - D
An Obscure 90s John Ritter Movie...

Exhibit - E
"All for not..."

 Exhibit - F
"I believe that children are our future..."

 Exhibit - G
Classic 80s film

Exhibit - H
"You're cool... I'm out."

How did you do?
Let's Find Out!

Round 13 Answers

A - The Princess Bride

B - The Shining

C - Hocus-Pocus

D - Stay Tuned

E - Spaceballs

F - Coming To America

G - Just One of the Guys

H - Half Baked


Let me know how you did, or if you have any suggestions!


  1. B - isn't UHF. Though it's another 80's classic.
    I'm pretty sure you've seen C and prob D. But both are a bit obscure.

  2. Yes! Problem Child. Nice.
    C - (I'll give you a hint) it was Stephen Dorff's first major movie role.
    D - you're on your own... LOL.

  3. I'm pretty sure D is early '90s, and a very underrated flick.

  4. Ya know what... you sir are correct! I put 80's - just changed it. (This is what happens when I try to set this up BEFORE my morning coffee)

    And I agree. I loved this movie. I'm curious how it holds up?


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